Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Here are a bunch of drawings from a marathon I went too. Remember these images contain successful ones and failures It's important to see failures  so the viewer realizes how hard it is and so he or she doesn't hold themselves too to high a standard.

The marathon was extremely interesting because it was a chance to draw three figures grouped  together in 20 minutes. For me, that was difficult  And raised all kinds of new and interesting problem as well as new directions.
 One disappointment was that the models didn't relate --read touch each other, or have a physical relationship. They simply posed one or two standing, and one sitting or lying down.

And the lighting was terrible.

First are some single figures then those three figures together.

For me, the two and three figure images are filled with problems and exploration. For me, it was difficult to get three figures  in 20 minutes, let alone capturing some light effects--light as a image unifies. In reality the lighting was very poor.One challenge in three figures was this: do i draw one figure and then another and the last one, or do I attempt to find a way to unify all three figures i.e.see then as a unity. I aimed for the latter but since the figures in reality weren't relating to each other,  any unity was hard to discover.

Especially because the light didn't offer a basis for unifying the figures

I've got teen into something which may be a bad habit i.e.  forgetting to draw an envelope, and then marking the shoulder, hip, joins with actual marks on the paper--(which i think confused the viewer(except those interested   in following my plan for drawing).

On the other hand, leaving those marks can add texture and perhaps divide the space up in new and interesting ways. How, I'm not sure.

With the three figures, I think of them as  being carved out of space, as three ;large chunks masses if you will, but in the actual 20 minutes time limit, I feel too pressured to really figure out there solid relation in space.The figures in the two and three figure drawings seem  cartoonist,... There is none of the delicate line  that
I' d like to get. Moreover, the hands,faces in these works are stereotyped--I seem to go into some kind of lazy zone and don't  honestly look at  hands and faces.. I'm pissed off at how lazy i get. Every mark should be made as if it were my last mark jet I've gotten lazy very lazy.

None of these seem to have what I call the big picture figured out.

I still haven't figured out how to draw the figures from their relationships to the background

Although at times i did discover the figure in drawing these images. That was exciting...very exciting.

If you think of the figure in  three d space..  the chunks of space around the figure must be as solid as the figures should bee...I want to carve the figures out by chunking the space around them.. not the other way around.

As you can see I was desperate most of the time drawing these.--- there is no movement in and out from chuck of figures to chunks around them--big bits of space are just found by darkening an area.

There was no light to guide the development of space. Consequently things were just filled in according to some intuitive  moves I made and consequently there is no tight solid block of three d multidimensionality.

it frustrates me beyond belief,,and that I have no one to talk to about it..

I don't know if I ought to be playing the flatness of the paper's rectangle against the  3 d space projected onto it, and the surprise,,,the fun comes fromthat

Or if it's the play of light with those two dimensions and the fun that develops from that. plus it sso rare to get to draw three figures i can't,or don't have enough consistent time to explore these see what the discoveries might line  down that path.

How the decorative element in the blankets' design  plays into this is also confusing.

Finally, I'm only using  ink  and charcoal... I want to consistently use a wider range of grays warm and cool ones to enrich the emotional dimension of the image.

But  I always seem to forget to mix up the grays so they will be right at hand.

Anyway, I have to quit.  Hope whoever reads this will enjoy the images

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